A crucial project in the tourist area of the city of Cancun

DEAL, a wholly owned subsidiary of Rizzani de Eccher, has recently acquired a crucial project in the tourist area of the city of Cancun in the state of Quintana Roo. The company of Gruppo de Eccher specialized in engineering and special equipment has in fact acquired a major order to develop an innovative technology called “Top-down”, which will allow its client to build a section of the Nichuptè Bridge through a patented  revolutionary construction methodology able to safeguard the environment and minimize impacts during the construction phases. The bridge has a total length of 8 kilometers and DEAL will be involved in the development of the most critical part of the route which crosses an environmental reserve.

This project is yet another improvement in the top-down technology developed and trademarked by DEAL over the years, after its major applications in cutting-edge projects in the United States, Colombia, Morocco, Mozambique. Thanks to this significant achievement, the Group consolidates its position as leader in the sector.


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