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Values lie at the core of Rizzani de Eccher’s mission and vision. Rizzani de Eccher has evolved to adapt to the current environment combining its tradition to local customs, cherishing its multicultural organization.

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The Company was established in 1997, with the supply of a balanced cantilever launching gantry, on one of the most prestigious projects at the time, the Confederation Bridge.

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We are a multidisciplinary partner providing turnkey solutions for structural equipment and erection of bridge decks, and increasingly, for the installation of the entire structure, including piers, deck and finishing works.

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Rizzani de Eccher USA’s governance structure is composed by a Board of Directors that sets the company’s strategic guidelines and implements them.

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Environmental protection and the promotion of sustainable development have become some of the key factors in the design, construction and management of the projects coordinated by the Group companies

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