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We are a multidisciplinary partner providing turnkey solutions for structural equipment and erection of bridge decks, and increasingly, for the installation of the entire structure, including piers, deck and finishing works.

RdE USA is a Special Engineering Unit drawing additional experiences and know-how also from its sister companies. Particularly TENSA, DEAL, SPIC as well as others. It offers a wide variety of solutions spanning from predominant precast segmental deck solutions (80% of our business) to other technologies such as cast-in-situ segmental deck, incremental launch, top-down solutions, precast cores, unconventional deconstructions and so on.

RdE has self executed, or participated, to more than 300 miles of bridge deck construction over the last 30 years.

The Company’s scope has gradually grown from the supply of existing equipment, to the complete invention of innovative equipment solutions, influencing, at times, the actual design of such bridges, and bringing winning solutions to the table for Clients.

Today Rizzani de Eccher USA often works as nominated subcontractor for the casting and erection of pre-cast segmental bridges, elevated transit systems, and complex interchanges and this gave the opportunity of developing long lasting relationships with the principal players of our industry and to work on signature projects such as the Palmetto Interchange in Miami, the Orange Line Elevated Transit system also in Miami, Dallas High Five, the Oakland Bay Bridge in Fan Francisco, Port Mann in Vancouver, Central Artery in Boston, the, and many more! Starting from the design of the casting yards, Rizzani de Eccher USA has gone all the way to the full supply of custom designed equipment and also the inclusion of Technical Assistance to help manage such equipment and projects.

A prime example of the leasing innovation was the development of the “Pile Driver” that was used to build the 7 mile Washington By-pass bridge completely in Top Down, by driving the piles out in cantilever using an overhead truss, and then using the same truss to erect the pre-cast cap, and pre-cast beams, saving the Environment from all damage as site access was directly only from the top. This resulted in a winning bid and an extremely successful and profitable project.

Rizzani de Eccher USA, since its establishment, has focused exclusively on complex pre-cast segmental bridges, bringing the highest possible value to our Clients and Partners, particularly when combining the sister Company DEAL solutions for such construction projects.

Over the years the synergy between RdE USA and DEAL has become a key to success in the North American market due to one primary difference over the competitors; being contractors before becoming equipment supplies, and this background is paramount in enabling to completely understand the issues at hand, and in finding the right solution that address such problems in the safest, and most practical manner, giving a distinct advantage. Our past 20 plus years have been a great success and have given us the tools to make the next 20 even better.

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