Rizzani de Eccher USA is a company of the de Eccher Group that draws its resources and know-how from the best Italian engineering traditions and the centenary experience of Rizzani de Eccher Established in 1831.

The Company was established in 1997, with the supply of a balanced cantilever launching gantry, on one of the most prestigious projects at the time, the Confederation Bridge going to Prince Edwards Island in Canada, and continues to date, solidifying its presence and becoming, in essence, the complete solution, from a means and methods point of view, to complex pre-cast segmental bridge projects, to be performed as a Sub-contractor, or a fully integrated partner, such as the Palmetto Interchange in Miami. Since then Rizzani de Eccher USA has consolidated its position in the American market, operating in two areas of activity with specialised and innovative know-how: infrastructure construction, engineering services and equipment solutions for bridges and viaducts and general contractor for the Department of Defense.

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