The last precast segment of the roadway viaduct superstructure of the I-395 project was successfully cast.

Last week our team at the I-395 project cast the last of the 1,947 precast segments of the roadway viaduct superstructure of the I-395 project.
Congratulation to our team for the effort and dedication demonstrated through the project.
Special thanks to our client AWDM JV for its support, to the Engineer WSP inspectors assigned to the casting yard and of course to our major vendors/subcontractors:
DEAL, supplying the specialized equipment for casting, straddle carriers and the engineering services for segment casting, and
RAZA Contractors performing the reinforcement assembly.

In the meanwhile Rizzani de Eccher work in the I-395 project continues with the prefabrication of the Signature Bridge Arches segments with the casting equipment supplied by DEAL and the post tensioning material and equipment provided by TENSA.

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